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10 Car Video Games Every Gearhead Loves

Everyone loves a good car race. Whether it’s from watching one on TV or playing a game, the choice is really varied. It’s funny that the most brilliant racing games don’t have to be the newest, and you don’t have to own the most sophisticated games console to enjoy a challenging course. The race is all about the challenge and the willingness to learn something new. These days you can race nearly anything through your favorite console or even your phone. Some games are fantastic, while others just plain suck.

Games Every Gearhead Loves

Now, the true hardcore gearhead will tell you that nothing matters except the latest and greatest racing game with graphics and precision that’ll outperform the Hubble telescope. To me, those type of gamers lose out and lose focus of the adventure of racing. To me, a racing game should be way tougher to beat than you can imagine. It should make you want to come back again and again. It should also make you hate wanting to play certain levels. Check out what race gamers love and hate about their favorite racing games.


The Forza series of racing games is one of the most beloved in the gaming industry. The fantastic graphics, the fast pace of the games and the excellent controls and options keep fans interested and dedicated to the franchise. Even the audio gets high marks from the players who like the music and commentary that were thoughtfully included in the gameplay. The race courses are plentiful and vary by quite a bit. You even have a chance to race against WWII fighter aircraft, which is really interesting and fun. The game will definitely keep your interest if anything else.

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For many critics, DiRT Rally is perhaps one of the best car games to ever have been created. That’s because you better know what you’re doing from the minute you start to race. This game could care less if you are too slow or not. There’s no rewind or anything like that, the action is fast-paced, and you will get ran over quicker than you think if you don’t adapt to the controls. But that’s the thrilling part about the game. Its no-holds-barred approach is what keeps all levels of gamers immersed and focused on the task at hand. Released in 2015, the game is still very popular.


Even though the game was first released in 2015, Avalanche Studios’ engineers are probably still in hiding from buyers of the game. The financial post refers to the game as “ugly and depressing.” Most players say that some of the cars are far too fragile. The game focuses on the main character Max and his trusty mechanic Chum Bucket, who constantly repairs and upgrades Max’s car as they go through different parts of wasteland. Car gamers don’t like the long spells of time they have to take to get the car updated. But players forget that the game is movie-based, and they need to have enough patience to get through the story properly.


A report from South China Morning Post calls My Summer Car “one of the most annoying simulations ever played.” Your goal is to build a car from spare parts. Even in real life, this can be hard, but of course, the game makes it infinitely harder as you run around to find everything you need. You have to locate everything from meeting the right people, locating the right tools and making sure you even have a bathroom to use. The game is frustrating for those that think they’ll instantly make a car, but if you always wanted to build your own car, I’d say go on and take the challenge and learn a few things along the way.


Looks can be extremely deceiving at times. Mario Kart 8 is more challenging than it would seem, depending on what course and level you’re playing. To me, it sounds like fun, but to a lot of players, those kart race courses want to make them seek out medical attention. The Odyssey Online mentions that some levels such as “Grumble Volcano” and “Bone Dry Dunes” are particularly frustrating. These levels and courses constantly bring you to your mental limit, especially if you crash and have to start at the rear of the pack over and over again.

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GTA: Vice City levels can be fun but annoying at the same time. One of the most annoying levels of the game involves a character by the name of Hilary. The racer seems to have a deity-like ability to stay on the road no matter what you try to do. If you get too close to him, you’ll spin out and/or crash. Time and time again, the same thing happens over and over until it nearly drives you crazy. To beat this level requires quite a bit of cunning and skill on your part. Once Hilary beats you, the course is restarted. Bring some aspirin along with you for this one.


Burnout hit the gaming world more than 9 years ago but still has a huge following. Well, more like a frustrated following. The arcade-style game frustrates because it’s not easy to win a race. The controls are quite sluggish as many games made during this time were. If it was too easy, then there goes the challenge, I say. You also have to carefully plan which car to use on which course, or else you’ll spend a very long and frustrating time attempting to navigate the road. The crashes look cool if you’re into that, but most players agree that it’s way too easy to do so.


Ridge Racer is best described as a casual racing game. I say that because if you are new to racing games, you probably aren’t used to things like drifting, which you’ll do a lot in this game. The controls aren’t the best, but the courses will challenge you after a few rounds. Most critics say they hate the announcer’s voice and the background noise, but for someone new to the game, they have over 130 cars to choose from and over 30 courses to practice with. Serious gamers will want to avoid this game like the plague, as the controls and graphics will not be suitable for them.


Rocket League’s popularity continues to rise even though a lot of people aren’t crazy about it. Gameplay is based on a game of soccer using cars as the players. The game loves it or hates it as far as players are concerned. It’s funny that gamers are more annoyed with other players than the game itself, according to several online review sites. Being a team-based game, most seasoned players hate playing with newbies who constantly run into them, ruining their “shot.” Still, the game is notorious for lagging at other times, but really, it’s just a game isn’t it?


The game’s title means just that – a racing game specifically designed for kids. I can only say that the game’s colors are certainly bright enough to capture a child’s attention for a while. Too bad the actual gameplay sucks. Finger Guns says it best when they mention that “the game is so utterly devoid of fun that it should be listed as a crime under the Geneva Conventions.” There’s a huge amount of technical and design problems with the sluggish game that makes me think it should be only given to a child who’s done something reprehensible beyond measure.

Here are our picks for the 10 best free car games for kids:

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